What is Hole?

Hole was born in 1989(?)when Courtney Love put an ad in some L.A. paper. She had previously been in Bands with Kat Bjelland and the like, but they kicked her out, so she was looking for her OWN band to front.

Eric Erlandson answered it first. Courtney said she new he was perfect before she even met him. THEY are the only two members of the band that have been here since day one.

Eric and Courtney got Caroline Rue to join (drums) and Jill Emery (drums) (Jill has very nice artwork on the back of P.O.T.I.)

Anyhow, the four of them formed ::HOLE:: and released "Pretty On The Inside." It did very well. (2:1 to 'Bleach' says Poppy Brite)

Sometime afterwards, Jill and Caroline quit. Why they left, and where they are now, I don't know. If you do, you can tell me. I never cared so much about them.

Kriten Pfaff and Patty Schemel were their replacements. Kristen and Eric had a very close relationship, I believe, but right after the release of the new CD, "Live Through This", Kristen died of an overdose.

Despite the death of a bandmate, Hole's "Live Through This" did EXCEPTIONAL, with hits such as 'Violet' and 'Dollparts'.

Kristen's replacement was Melissa Auf Der Maur. Now with a bass player, Hole went on tour, even lining up Lollapalooza.

In 1996, Hole did a cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Gold Dust Woman' for the 'Crow2:City of Angels' record.

They are now working on a new CD called 'Celebrity Skin'.

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