Want to know MY opinion on 'SKIN'?? Are you SURE??

Hole's new video Malibu is on MTV

Courtney Love is on E! Courtney will be on H.S. on the 26th and 27th at 11:00

Courtney Love Talks About Hole's Video Music Awards Date In an announcement that seemed to create as much buzz as any of the nominees shouted out on Tuesday, Hole leader Courtney Love announced that her band would perform at the MTV Video Music Awards in September and then sat down to discuss the upcoming show with MTV

Hole Shoots New Video Without Drummer Hole shot the new video of the title track from their new album, "Celebrity Skin." Wait, where's Patty? Schemel reportedly wasn't there.

Courtney Love will be starring in :Man on the Moon: also starring Jim Carrey with Milos Forman directing.

Get a Butt like Courtney's Check out the latest issue of ::Cosmo:: for tips from Love's trainer.

Courtney will be playing a role in 200 Cigarettes, and this may be why the album's so late coming out.

"Kurt and Courtney" goes nationwide! Despite her best threats, Love won't be able to stop Broomfield from showing a national audience his Kurt and Courtney documentary --a film that not only tracks her marriage to Kurt Cobain but also contains interviews with Love's estranged father and a suspicious private investigator, both of whom speculate about the boisterous Hole singer's involvement in the Nirvana frontman's 1994 death. Despite several intimidating legal letters from Love's attorney, San Francisco's Roxie Theater, and its distribution arm, Roxie Releasing, plans to show the film in 15 big cities nationwide starting April 3, according to spokesman Elliot Lavine